In a rush? Here are the quick details: 

The course begins online on March 9th for 10 weeks.

In this 10 week supportive, intensive, easy to follow along online workshop you will learn:

  • The confidence to write what your clients want to read and how you are the person to solve their current problem.
  • How to write grab someone’s attention, keep them interested, build rapport, trust and respect.
  • Why you must forget what your High School English teachers taught you (if you are endlessly staring at blank empty pages without a clue where to begin, this will change the way you write for your business forever – not just your website but also your blog updates, your social media, even your marketing material – anywhere you are using the written word to communicate with people).
  • Easy tools, techniques and ideas on how to sell in your written word – ethically and without a hint of being ‘salesy’. The focus is always on what you can do for others, not what you can get yourself.
  • How to make the copy on your website easy to read, easy to follow, easy to understand and full of your brand (you?) personality.
  • Why there is no such thing as ‘having a simple website’; you’ll learn how to use what you’ve got – the design and the layout of your current website –  as a 24/7 sales page.
  • Simple rules that you must follow, and ones that you have to forget. If you’ve ever struggled for days (months even) to build your online marketing presence, then it’s time to have a breakthrough, to look outside your field and apply tools and techniques that have been getting people to buy for years.

Building a website is hard work.

notebookWriting copy for your website is … no lie … a nightmare for most small business owners.

A Website That Works will not only show, teach and instruct you on how to create your website, but it will help every single area of how you go about creating ALL your online content.

A Website That Works is a course, a workshop, a tool, a place to study, to practice, to learn, to get support and feedback.

You have to do the work. You will receive worksheets to help get started and get writing, a community to test out your ideas, ask questions and get feedback from your peers, Videos, tools, case studies that will show you very clearly what works and what doesn’t. Fill in the blank worksheets will help you drag out the exact words and ideas you want to share with your clients.

It’s a course that you will take once, but will be endlessly used for as long as you are in business.

A Website that Works” helps you transform your website from what you think visitors/potential clients want to read to what THEY want to read. You will learn ways to keep potential customers on your site so they can learn more about what you/your product can do for them – which is really what want to know.

I took Kelli Wise’s initial “A Website that Works” course in 2013 when I was changing from a static to a WordPress website. The class helped me transform the website from what it was to one that was much more attractive – and one with meaningful content that people often quote when they come for massage. It was after that class that I started a blog – and joined blog challenges Kelli likes to run to encourage bloggers in their writing process.

Since you are given “lifetime membership” once you take the class, I repeated the class in 2014-2015. I thought it would be a nice refresher course and that it would give me an opportunity to take a fresh look at the website. Although the principles of the class were the same, the content was all new – all lessons were newly recorded with updated examples, stories, techniques, etc. I have a list of the changes I am still working on to make the website more interesting.

One addition to the 2014-2015 class that I have never seen anywhere else on the internet was the generous offer for us to participate in study halls that were led by Kelli. In the study halls we could ask any question we wanted, share information with other students, post work were doing, solve technical problems with the website – it was invaluable. There was no extra charge. Participation was optional – and well worth the time.

Part way through the course, Kelli offered to review our Home pages and make suggestions to help us make the best Home page possible – that that was a bonus we didn’t know about when we registered for the class. It was also free.

With her engineering background, Kelli is tech savvy. She answered questions off the top of her head during study halls that helped students solve technical problems with their website and with internet in general.

If I were to sum up “A Website that Works” in one sentence, it would be this, “This is the class you don’t want your competition to take.” – Phyllis Baker, RN BSN MA CMT

Registration closes March 8th at Midnight Pacific Time (GMT-8).

Choose your option

Got more time? Here’s the full story:


Are you tired of watching another week go by while you still don’t have a decent website?

Maybe you purchased some web hosting, a domain name, and you’ve installed WordPress or Weebly or the like. All that comes to mind is “Now what?”

Let’s be honest, there are millions of websites out there. In your little town, in your field, there are probably dozens, if not more.


Your potential customers have a lot of choice about who to do business with. They come to your website to find out

  • what sets you apart
  • what makes you special
  • why they should do business with you

Lame, generic content (all the text and pictures and forms and sparkly bits) won’t grab their attention. You might as well not bother.

But good content is not that hard to create and great content can be yours with the right guidance.

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write great website content.

Website content is not about great literature or English class essays. You don’t need to be a great writer. If you can carry on a conversation, you can write for your website.

But what if you don’t know what to put on your website?

This is where so many people get stalled. They write a “Hi, welcome to my website. I do this stuff, it costs this much money. Call me.”

They write a list of their products or skills and include some of the features like “Now with 20% more gnarfle!” and they include a lot of industry jargon.

Then they run out of ideas and call it good.

And no one calls them, so they declare that the website was a waste of time and money.

If any of this sounds familiar, then A Website That Works is the course you are looking for:

A Website that works - an Online courseAn online course that will guide you and empower you to create a website that brings in customers by being the answer to their needs.

You read that right: being the answer to your customers’ needs. Not spammy, sleazy manipulation. Not high pressure sales. Just being the right person with the right answer for what your customer needs.

I know you: You love your customers. You opened your little business because you like to help people. You have a skill, like massage therapy, or a  product, like organic snacks, that can improve lives. You are passionate about being of service.

I love that about you!

I want everyone in your community to love that about you, too. This course is designed to help you create a website that will bring in more customers so that you can help them.

That’s what this course is all about.

A Website That Works might be the course for you if:

  • You are a small business owner with a brick and mortar business
  • You don’t want to settle for pre-fab, generic website content
  • You are prepared to do some homework
  • You understand that a website is a tool that should be used


What are you going to learn?

Module 1 ⇒  Rediscovering your ‘why’.

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” We’re going to tap into that passion that drove you to start your business. This is what you can talk about for hours. This is what still gives you goosebumps and that excited, squiggy feeling in your stomach. This passion is what sets you apart and makes your customers fall in love with YOU.

Module 2 ⇒  Clarity on who you are writing for.

You’ll learn how you can’t have the same marketing message for ‘anyone with skin’ and how to get clear on segmenting your market and identifying your ideal client. It might seem silly, but getting real clarity on who you are writing for makes it much easier to know what to write and how to write it. It will be like writing a note to an old friend.

Module 3 ⇒  The importance of your About page and how to use it.

People love stories. You have a story. You’ll learn how to make those two concepts combine with your WHY into a powerful About page. One that can increase trust and help people decide to do business with you.

Module 4 ⇒  Giving your website a job and getting it to do that job.

A website isn’t just a vanity project. Sure, it should look pretty, but it should have a job. That job is to bring in new customers. If you think of your website as an employee, you’ll want to get it to quit loafing around the coffee machine making small talk and get it to work the floor making the cash register ring. You need to tell it what to do and how to do it. Then you’ll need to know how to measure how well it’s doing that job so you can make changes that make it perform even better.

Module 5 ⇒  Keywords!

The world of search engine optimization is constantly changing, but there are certain principles that remain. While we want to keep an eye on keywords, how to use them to your benefit has changed over the years. I’ll even teach you about long tail keywords so you can amaze your friends! And get more website traffic.

Module 6 ⇒  What to put on your HOME page.

And what not to put on your Home page. You’ll learn how to declutter, focus, and guide your visitors to what they are looking for. And you’ll learn the most important word and how to use it.

Module 7 ⇒  Design mistakes and suggestions.

You’ll see the biggest mistakes people make with their websites and how to avoid them. No flashing text and dancing babies for you! These basic guidelines will keep your site looking professional and make your calls to action stand out.

Module 8 ⇒  How to describe your goods in a way that makes customers want to buy from you.

Only geeks and gamers buy stuff based on on a list of specs and features. Everyone else is just looking to solve a problem or meet a need. You’ll learn how to explain your products and services in the way that your customers can connect to.

Module 9 ⇒  All of the other necessary pages.

Contact forms, embedded maps, FAQ pages and more. These are all of the little things that make it easier to find your store or office, buy from you, contact you, and basically do business with you. You’ll get step by step instructions for embedding all of this in a WordPress website and plenty of time to ask for help if you run into problems.

Module 10 ⇒  The power of blogging for your business.

Blogging for your business is such a powerful way to market your business by building that know-like-trust relationship, it’s actually its own course. So we’ll spend a full module on applying everything you’ve learned about your WHY, your WHAT and your HOW into blogging. You’ll see how it can help with search engine rankings, answering your customers most asked questions, and setting yourself up as a trusted authority. My students get customers from their business blogs.


What you get

A website that works - The Best Website Content Course

You have a business and you probably have a family and friends. So you need some flexibility in your courses to work around your busy schedule. A Website That Works is designed to let you work when it’s convenient for you. While the course is structured to be done in 10 weeks, you might need a little more time. That’s ok, you’ll have access to the information for as long as you need.

⇒  10 Weeks, 10 Topics

We’ll cover one topic per week so that you won’t end up feeling overwhelmed.

⇒  Email prompts and exercises

Twice a week you’ll get an email from me to check in and keep you on track and see if you need any help.

⇒  Private Community

Being a part of a class can be incredibly helpful to learning. When you have other people to connect with, ask questions, or get some good old fashioned support from, the course can be more fun and valuable. You can even make some great friends and connections. There will be a secret Facebook group just for us. I’ll be around on-and-off most days (Pacific time) to answer questions and keeping an eye on the group, but it’s there for you to to chat with your fellow students.

⇒  Personal help – Study Hall

I’ve tried live Q&A sessions before, but there are too many schedule conflicts and too many time zones to really make this work. So last time, I tried a ‘Study Hall’ and students LOVED it. I’ll be available on the Facebook group for 4 hours every week so that you can ask your questions and get answers right then! What other class gives you 4 hours of direct access to your instructor every week? That’s 40 hours of real, live help and advice.

⇒  Videos!

Every week, there will be videos explaining the concepts and showing examples. Watch them as many times as you need. Here is an excerpt from the last time I taught the course.

⇒  Worksheets

Features to benefits worksheet - A website that works The Best Website Content Course
Click to download a sample worksheet

Downloadable worksheets that you can print and fill out.

If you have your own business website, this is the class for you! Yes, you have to spend a little time and money to really make your “free” website work, but it is worth it. Kelli really makes you think about what your business is about and who you want to be in business with, and then takes things one step at a time from there, building your confidence as well as your website. The course moves at a good pace, and the weekly study halls are excellent, because you get the opportunity to ask the instructor and your fellow students for clarification and advice, in real time.

This was such a good investment. Thank you, Kelli, for sharing your knowledge and time with us! – Annalisa Derryberry, LMT

Are you ready to make your website work?

Class starts March 9th.

Registration closes March 8th at Midnight Pacific Time (GMT-8).

Choose your option

Just the Course The Course + Coaching
Videos  √  √
Worksheets  √  √
Emails  √  √
Private Group  √  √
Study Hall/Q&A  √  √
Coaching  X  2 Hours ($160 value)
Price $197  $297
WordPress Installation  Add $195 $75   Add $195 $75


Just the Course

You’ll receive the videos, worksheets, emails, access to the private group and study hall.


Course and Coaching

Add 2 hours of 1 on 1 coaching! Break this into either 2x 1 hour calls or 4x 30 minutes calls to review your work, answer your questions and provide detailed help with your website content. I normally charge $80/hour for consulting, but for this course you’ll get two hours of time for just $100!


No Website? No Problem!

You can get WordPress installed and setup, ready for you to start adding pages with all of your new content. I don’t want you to miss out on all the benefits that a website could add to your business because you don’t have the technical basics done.

Just buy your web hosting through one of my two recommended hosts, pick your domain name, and I’ll have you setup in less than 24 hours. I’ll send you a free ‘how to use your website’ manual and links to some instructional videos that will teach you how to use WordPress.

I normally charge $195 just for this setup work, but if you are signing up for the course, I’ll drop the price to $75.


What you get

  • WordPress installed*
  • WordPress settings configured for your business website
  • Your choice of theme** installed and activated
  • Plugins (little apps) for spam filtering, backup, SEO, login limits for security, and contact forms
  • Pages setup up for your Home page, About page, and Contact page
  • User manual

* You must use one of the two web hosting packages I recommend.

** Theme Charges not included in price.

Registration closes March 8th at Midnight Pacific Time (GMT-8).

Choose your option

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